The Worst Lunch Ever

Today happened to be one of those busy days, where you’re “running” for 12 hours straight. It was a great day, actually. We got a lot done, we had a lot of fun, and everyone is still smiling. 🙂

Lunch wasn’t so good though.

Every other Friday we have a co-op with the homeschool group in the mornings. The kids have a classes where they learn about various things from art to biology. Then in the afternoon, there is organized gym.

Today the gym activity was soccer. We thought it would be great to just eat lunch at the park between co-op and gym. So, we arrived with our cooler full of food and spread out on a pretty yellow picnic table.

I wasn’t feeling well, so I told the kids to each make their own sandwiches. We had a favorite, peanut butter and jelly, and also meat sandwiches.

As we started putting sandwiches together, yellow jackets (which seemed to be EVERYWHERE) found our business very interesting. Once they caught the scent (or sight?) of the jar of jelly, they became like little magnets. Obviously, we had a problem on our hands.

We stepped it up into high-gear. I started slapping the pb&j sandwiches together as only an experienced mom can, and handing them out as quickly as possible. These bees were more annoying than the sea gulls at the beach when we tried to take sandwiches there!

By the time I was done with the pb&j, there were at least 3 bees that had already found the jelly jar, and they wouldn’t budge from the jar. While peeling them off the jar, I’m telling the kids, “Eat quickly, we have to get the food put away!” I got the stuff put back in the cooler, hoping that would deter the bees, but they were still after the sandwiches. (Jelly was really not a good choice today!)

The next thing I know, my 7yo looks at me with big, serious eyes and says, “There was a bee on the bite Becca just took.” By the time we got her to spit it out, the bee had already stung the inside of her mouth, and out the chewed-up bite came, chewed-up bee and all!


I knew we had just lost our grip on lunch. The 4yo was in tears, and all I could say was, “I’m so sorry, Honey,” over and over as I’m gathering everyone and everything together to get ourselves to the van. No one was going to be happy eating with bees everywhere now that one of us had been stung!

We got to the van, a trail of mom, kids, and sandwiches, but those bees beat us into the van. Next thing I knew I had 2 screaming girls in the backseat, and a still-crying Rebecca who was saying we needed to buy a new car because the bees were in it!

So, I did what any thinking mom would do at this point (though I hope no other mom ever GETS to this point!)… I banished all pb&j sandwiches to the garbage can, and we tried our luck at the park again. If we have to eat with the bees, I’d rather it be in the open, not in a closed-up van!

But these must have been bees with a big strain of “determination”, because they kept bothering us, even without the jelly! We ended up throwing the rest of the sandwiches that we were carrying out. I figured, at that point, we could just eat another time!

Poor Rebecca played on the playground equipment with her finger in her mouth, holding the place where she was stung:

bee sting in mouth

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