Sun Oven – Solar Cooker

I came across a sun oven today. I was buying a new set of cookie beaters for my bosch mixer since one of mine is broken, and somehow I noticed this thing:

I am intrigued. I didn’t know “sun ovens” existed! I secretly want to get one. (Well, I guess it’s not a secret anymore!) It looks like SO much fun to play with, and what uses I can think of for camping!

The last time we went camping our “big” meal was chicken with barbeque sauce. We cooked over an open flame, and had lots of fun, but the chicken did not cook all of the way through very easily.

I’m looking at this sun oven, and trying to imagine the luxury of a steady 325 degree heat… with no other fuel used besides the sun! What a NEAT toy.

I even want to think it would be practical to play with at home… but we have central air so I can’t see any real reason to get it out… unless it is to save some electricity. (That sounds nice, actually.) I think the kids would have a lot of fun with it though. Benjamin likes to bake brownies. 🙂

But, I don’t need it, so I’m not going to buy it. But the sun oven did make its way on to a mental list of very cool, somewhat practical items that I would enjoy owning. 🙂

And then, at the very end, I ran across this:

Now I’m wondering what OTHER really-cool-with-the-excuse-of-practical gadgets there are out there? 🙂

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