Christmas Rush for a 5-year-old (Explanations!)

Emily the Crazy

Emily the Crazy

We are in the middle of the “Christmas Rush”.

We have been selling toys for about 10 years.

It has been an especially busy year.

My darling 5-year-old, who has been part of the action for her entire life, has been trying to grasp the situation. She has been asking a lot of questions about the “Christmas Rush” and what it means. I keep explaining that it means lots of people are buying Christmas presents, and we are busy shipping them all out. You can imagine the host of questions that come next. 🙂

One day this week, after one of these discussions, she suddenly got this look on her face. She blurted out, “Oh! This is a TOY STORE?!”

I really couldn’t believe it. No wonder she was having such a hard time understanding! Butseriously, hadn’t she noticed all of the toys surrounding us… the toys on every shelf? What did she think when she was looking at these things?

Well, I asked her, and she very fluently explained, “Oh, I just thought this was an ‘ordinary’ store, you know, one that didn’t sell anything. But then I realized the MAILMAN came!”

Light bulb!

I love that girl. 🙂

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A Normal Part of Our Day

During supper we had a mini melt-down, one child fell off her chair and hit the ground, and another spilled her drink. “Oops! I guess I don’t get anymore tea tonight, do I, Mom?” (Yep, she knows the drill. 🙂 If you spill it, you can only refill it with water.)

We had salad and stuffed shells or stuffed manicotti. It was your choice, since they were pre-made and we only had one package of each.

Another can’t eat ricotta cheese. He is not allergic to it, but for some reason it makes him gag. He normally loves all food. He is not a picky eater. Except he can’t eat ricotta. Since we found 2 soft pretzels earlier in the day when we were defrosting the freezer, he got to eat them (and a salad) for his dinner.

I don’t know what your dinner looked like tonight, but that was ours. It was a very “normal” dinner in the middle of a normal day, in a busy household with 6 children! 🙂

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