Baking with Kids

This is what happens when I start baking. They all want to join the party!

Baking with KidsThis time it was only a boxed cake mix. I really did not need many helpers, but out came the chair and stools anyway! Just try to picture me in the middle. Hilarious!

Here is Sarah, using the mixer all by herself:


Baking with kids is a good thing. It is a good thing for kids to spend their time doing, because it produces life-skills. It is a good thing to do with them, because it is quality time spent with your children! So, I don’t care how crowded it gets, I am determined to let them help.

And one day, I will have LOTS of kids who can cook and bake all by themselves!

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Is it Still Cereal if it Comes in a Bag?

As we were walking through the grocery store, Rebecca (3) pointed to this and said, “Mama, is this for the birds?”

“No, Honey, it’s cereal.”

“Oh. I thought it was bird food!”

We usually get cereal in boxes. 🙂

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If a Tree Falls in a Forest…

If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If a child is alone in the back yard, and no one is around to see it, do they throw a fit when they are provoked?

I was not sure of the answer myself, but I was curious when I saw this:

If a child is alone in the back yard, with no one to hear, will they throw a fit?

If a child is alone in the back yard, with no one to hear, will they throw a fit?

It sure looked like the pose of a “fit-thrower”, but would my daughter actually throw one if no one was there to hear? (I was watching from the kitchen window.)


Yes, Rebecca will throw a fit if no one is there to hear!

When she turned around, I saw that, yes indeed, it was a ft.

I have learned from this that she is not ALWAYS throwing a fit for show. (Perhaps sometimes.) Sometimes she is just upset. This time it probably had something to do with the scarf not going where she wanted it to. (A “Frustration Fit”!)

I love this little girl and all of her little quirks. 😀

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Another One of Emily’s Comments

While eating dinner last night, Emily got “that look” on her face, and told me, “Mom, I was saying something in my mind, and I forgot what it was!”

What a kid! 🙂

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An Idea…

The other night we had hot chocolate with dinner. Of course, that meant marshmallows too.

The marshmallows we had were these little colorful car-shaped ones. They didn’t dissolve that well, and they almost seemed big enough to roast…

And then there was the idea TO roast them, in the middle of the winter, over the coal fire. Out came 2 wooden skewers and a bit of duck tape to hold them together, making it long enough.

It was a lovely idea:

Roasting Marshmallows Over a Coal Fire

Roasting Marshmallows Over a Coal Fire


But we had to stop when only one child had gotten their turn because the smoke detector went off.

I guess we’ll have to wait until summer after all!

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Where did this Hair Come From?


Blond Hair?!

I walked out of my bedroom yesterday to find THIS in the hallway. Now, we do have a lot of hair in the family. When we added the dog a few  years ago, I had to start sweeping/vacuuming twice as often to keep up with it all. I am used to seeing clumps of hair like this… they let me know when it is time to sweep or vacuum again!

But THIS clump (and the others like it scattered down the hallway) had something wrong with them. They were BLOND.

We don’t have any true blond hair like this. Even the dog’s hair is BLACK.
Then it hit me. It was DOLL hair… because THIS little girl has taken an extreme liking to combing all of the doll’s hair!

Emily - Combing, combing, combing

Emily - combing, combing, combing...


Notice that little blond polly pocket laying by her? I think that one is running OUT of hair. 🙂

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Measuring Up

Rebecca, Measuring Up

Rebecca, Measuring Up

Last night Rebecca found my tape measure. Of course, she proceeded to “measure” herself. She was doing a pretty good job of it too! She had the end of the tape measure all the way up to her head, and the other end was on the floorShe said, “Mom, I’m measuring myself.”

I asked, “How tall are you?”

She answered, “I’m 3!”

I guess we’ll have to work some more on those math (measuring) skills after all. 🙂

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Cooking with Mom

I like to have my kids cook with me. We can get in lots of quality one-on-one time if they take turns cooking with me. I want to start the habit back up.

This morning, while getting dinner in the crock pot, Rebecca was my helper. She was SO excited to help. She is only 3, so she is delighted by everything. I cut the onions while she stirred the cooking bacon. She laughed at the way the warped pan spun like a merry-go-round on my glass-top stove. She declined the option of holding it still when I tried to show her that… she just kept it spinning away.

When the onions got to be too much for my eyes, and I had to go for a tissue, I never thought my little girl would get any wild ideas into her head. BUT, when I got back, there she was, chewing on a piece of RAW BACON. Oh my! I guess I hadn’t explained to her that it has to be COOKED before it is EATEN.

When I exclaimed (gently, so she didn’t cry), “Oh, honey, bacon is yucky if it is not cooked!” she spit it out and wiped her mouth.

3-year-olds are a lot of fun. 🙂

Then, of course, explaining it to Benjamin, I had to add, “THAT particular pieces of bacon was probably okay… but if she gets sick the bacon will be the first thing I think of.”

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Making Cookies and Spending Time Together

Cookies and Milk for the Bedtime Snac

Cookies and Milk for the Bedtime Snack!

We are still easing back into routines and normalcy after Christmas around here. It was a laid back day, and our work was done when my oldest son got home from school. We did our normal thing: trumpet practice, then the “Electronic Hour”.

After we were done with that and supper, Jacob said, “Hey, Mom, I have an idea. I’ve been wanting to spend some time with you, and we have these cookies to make. Maybe we can make them together?”

Whoa. Here is my twelve-year-old son wanting to make cookies with me! This is GOOD!

I told him, “That’s a GREAT idea. Let’s do that!”

Of course, with 5 other children, who all like to help make cookies TOO (you should see it sometime!) this is not as easily accomplished as started. But I made a point of having it be a “Jacob and Mom” time. We made a double-batch of mint chocolate cookies. (With Andes baking pieces! Yum!) I had to turn many children away, saying with a cheerful face, “Jacob and I are making a surprise for the bedtime snack!” I also had to accept one child into the kitchen when she got hurt playing, but that is okay. Jacob can handle that

We had fun making cookies together and chatting. We enjoyed time alone together. The other kids did not get upset that they couldn’t help this time. And… we got a GREAT snack of cookies (and milk) before bed!

It was a great way to spend my time. Especially with a TWELVE year old, who actually ASKED to spend time making cookies with me. I love it. 🙂

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Sun Oven – Solar Cooker

I came across a sun oven today. I was buying a new set of cookie beaters for my bosch mixer since one of mine is broken, and somehow I noticed this thing:

I am intrigued. I didn’t know “sun ovens” existed! I secretly want to get one. (Well, I guess it’s not a secret anymore!) It looks like SO much fun to play with, and what uses I can think of for camping!

The last time we went camping our “big” meal was chicken with barbeque sauce. We cooked over an open flame, and had lots of fun, but the chicken did not cook all of the way through very easily.

I’m looking at this sun oven, and trying to imagine the luxury of a steady 325 degree heat… with no other fuel used besides the sun! What a NEAT toy.

I even want to think it would be practical to play with at home… but we have central air so I can’t see any real reason to get it out… unless it is to save some electricity. (That sounds nice, actually.) I think the kids would have a lot of fun with it though. Benjamin likes to bake brownies. 🙂

But, I don’t need it, so I’m not going to buy it. But the sun oven did make its way on to a mental list of very cool, somewhat practical items that I would enjoy owning. 🙂

And then, at the very end, I ran across this:

Now I’m wondering what OTHER really-cool-with-the-excuse-of-practical gadgets there are out there? 🙂

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