Making Cookies and Spending Time Together

Cookies and Milk for the Bedtime Snac

Cookies and Milk for the Bedtime Snack!

We are still easing back into routines and normalcy after Christmas around here. It was a laid back day, and our work was done when my oldest son got home from school. We did our normal thing: trumpet practice, then the “Electronic Hour”.

After we were done with that and supper, Jacob said, “Hey, Mom, I have an idea. I’ve been wanting to spend some time with you, and we have these cookies to make. Maybe we can make them together?”

Whoa. Here is my twelve-year-old son wanting to make cookies with me! This is GOOD!

I told him, “That’s a GREAT idea. Let’s do that!”

Of course, with 5 other children, who all like to help make cookies TOO (you should see it sometime!) this is not as easily accomplished as started. But I made a point of having it be a “Jacob and Mom” time. We made a double-batch of mint chocolate cookies. (With Andes baking pieces! Yum!) I had to turn many children away, saying with a cheerful face, “Jacob and I are making a surprise for the bedtime snack!” I also had to accept one child into the kitchen when she got hurt playing, but that is okay. Jacob can handle that

We had fun making cookies together and chatting. We enjoyed time alone together. The other kids did not get upset that they couldn’t help this time. And… we got a GREAT snack of cookies (and milk) before bed!

It was a great way to spend my time. Especially with a TWELVE year old, who actually ASKED to spend time making cookies with me. I love it. 🙂

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