Crayola Glow Sand EXPLOSION!

When your 5-year-old asks you for the tenth time if she can try out her “Crayola Glow Sand Kit” she got weeks ago, and you feel like you really need to answer with a “yes” at some point in her life… keep in mind that it might be a good idea to specify that the person who “helps” her be more than 8 years old… or this might be what happens:

Crayola Glow Sand Explosion

It was an EXPLOSION, all right!


Glowing Hands

Look at all of the glowing hands! (There are 6 total, though not all of them made it into the picture.)

Their hands were literally like living flashlights!

Flashlight Hands!

Flashlight Hands

Yes, I certainly agree with the “explosion” part of this products title!

It’s handy that to clean up… all one has to do is turn on the light…

Crayola Glow SandOf course, just turning the light on doesn’t really satisfy a mom. We’re doing baths, a change of clothes, and a full sweep so that when I turn off the lights, I’m not going to have a glowing room again!

This was one amazing (EXPLOSIVE) present. Thanks, Dad! The kids had an absolute BLAST rolling around and playing in their Crayola glow sand! (And they even managed to fill up the bottles so they have their “sculptures” to remind them of all of the fun!)


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2 Responses to Crayola Glow Sand EXPLOSION!

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Oh no! Looks like they had a good time, though.

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