Dog Eats ______

It was a (rather usual) day around here. We were home all day, so “lots of things” happened at home. That usual type of stuff happened to include a broken clay pot with the associated aloe plant and dirt all over the floor! It also happened to include a broken plate. (And a bowl of frosted flakes – thankfully plastic – spilled all over the dining room floor, but that is not part of my story!)

We also happened to eat baby-back ribs for dinner, which is a family favorite. It is also a favorite of our dog’s… though she is almost never allowed to have any.

Maddy Watched us like a hawk, just waiting for the right moment to claim a bit of it. I could tell she was thinking, “BONES IN THE GARBAGE CAN.” As a dutiful child, who has a bone-eating dog in the house, does on such occasions, Benjamin placed the garbage can on the counter for the night. I laughed when I stood up with my plate, because Maddy followed me step for step.

She is really very good at this type of thing. She actually waits (I can imagine how hard that must be for a Dog Like Her) until we leave the room to steal the bones out of the garbage can. But she was obviously quite excited about tonight’s potential “haul”.

As I was standing there with my plate, Rebecca finished and stood up to take her plate out to the kitchen… but the plate did not make it that far. Out of her hands it slipped, bones, left-over food-scraps and all. It was instant tears (on her part) because breaking a plate (after one has already broken a big clay pot on the same day!) is really quite stressful for a sensitive 3-year-old like her. So my first duty was to assure her that it was okay. Then Benjamin “rescued” her and got her little bare feet away from all of the glass shards. (!)

Then I realized with alarm that this silly dog is looking at those bones and food-scraps littered amongst the hundred shards of glass ALL OVER my dining room floor as if she will go eat it all up at any moment. (And she is just dumb enough to eat the glass along with it!)

Obviously, as we were pulling ourselves together inside of these few intense seconds, we included getting the dog out of the house while barring the way to the dining room.

So, the evening proceeded from this point in a more “usual” way again. We cleaned up the mess (depositing the glass shards safely in the dining room can), cleared the table, had baths, watched some TV, and then it was bedtime.

At bedtime, we go upstairs. (all of us)

Except this time no one noticed that the dog didn’t come up with us.

After brushing teeth, reading, and getting everyone settled down into bed… I had to go back downstairs for something.

THAT DOG, once again, had gotten into the garbage can. She has this thing for meat, bones… and generally anything tasty. She will literally REMOVE THE USED NAPKINS FROM THE GARBAGE CAN, so she can lick whatever barbeque sauce, or whatever it is she can find on them, off. Gross.

I was annoyed, because she had done it again. Stuff was all over the floor from her little escapade.

I actually considered waiting until morning, to have one of the kids (who dearly love their dog and wouldn’t much mind) clean it up. But, no, it was better to clean up NOW, tonight. I might as well tackle it head-on, and have it done.

Imagine the SHOCK as it registered that the white stuff all over the floor was not ripped up napkin… but the glass pieces to the broken plate!!! UG!!!!!!

Maddy out-smarted us. Again.

Only this time, it might be to her own detriment. Hopefully none of the glass made its way down… or perhaps her tongue and digestive organs are made of steel? I really can’t figure dogs out.

I think caged animals are MUCH easier. 🙂

I am having vague, unsettling thoughts of a potentially large vet bill in our near future!

It couldn’t be much worse than the porcupine encounter, could it?

Maddy, our dog

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  1. Ajay says:

    She’s the dog of some family fedrnis. An absolute crack-up. When she sees me she runs to me as fast as she can and just before she crashes into me she flips herself onto her back so I can rub her belly. Just adorable.

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