Too Much to Do… Busy Day Time Management

This is one of those days where I finally get to stay home all day. We had something going (outside of the house) every day last week, so Saturday is the first day we get to be home all day!

Now that I am home, both looking around at what all there is to do, and thinking about what all there is to do… I am not sure WHAT to do!

It is certainly more than can be tackled in a day!

So, after praying for wisdom, I came to the conclusion that this is one of those days where it doesn’t matter WHAT I do, as long as it is accomplishing something!

So, I am working on the home and business, in 1 hour time rotating time blocks. We’ll see (at the end of the day) what can be accomplished! My main goals are simple:

  • Work on the banking
  • Cut the boys’ hair
  • Clean the hamster cage
  • Clean out the refrigerator

Of course I have to stay “on top” of the regular things too, like spending time with and taking care of my 6 precious children… but at the end of a busy day like today when I have too much to do after a week of “running”… whatever I DO accomplish will be good.


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