Cooking with Mom

I like to have my kids cook with me. We can get in lots of quality one-on-one time if they take turns cooking with me. I want to start the habit back up.

This morning, while getting dinner in the crock pot, Rebecca was my helper. She was SO excited to help. She is only 3, so she is delighted by everything. I cut the onions while she stirred the cooking bacon. She laughed at the way the warped pan spun like a merry-go-round on my glass-top stove. She declined the option of holding it still when I tried to show her that… she just kept it spinning away.

When the onions got to be too much for my eyes, and I had to go for a tissue, I never thought my little girl would get any wild ideas into her head. BUT, when I got back, there she was, chewing on a piece of RAW BACON. Oh my! I guess I hadn’t explained to her that it has to be COOKED before it is EATEN.

When I exclaimed (gently, so she didn’t cry), “Oh, honey, bacon is yucky if it is not cooked!” she spit it out and wiped her mouth.

3-year-olds are a lot of fun. 🙂

Then, of course, explaining it to Benjamin, I had to add, “THAT particular pieces of bacon was probably okay… but if she gets sick the bacon will be the first thing I think of.”

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