Where did this Hair Come From?


Blond Hair?!

I walked out of my bedroom yesterday to find THIS in the hallway. Now, we do have a lot of hair in the family. When we added the dog a few  years ago, I had to start sweeping/vacuuming twice as often to keep up with it all. I am used to seeing clumps of hair like this… they let me know when it is time to sweep or vacuum again!

But THIS clump (and the others like it scattered down the hallway) had something wrong with them. They were BLOND.

We don’t have any true blond hair like this. Even the dog’s hair is BLACK.
Then it hit me. It was DOLL hair… because THIS little girl has taken an extreme liking to combing all of the doll’s hair!

Emily - Combing, combing, combing

Emily - combing, combing, combing...


Notice that little blond polly pocket laying by her? I think that one is running OUT of hair. 🙂

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2 Responses to Where did this Hair Come From?

  1. Adrienne says:

    So glad it wasn’t a self inflicted hair cut!

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